Dalgarup Laser
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Cut and engrave/etch/mark many materials, plastics, timber, leather, paper, fabric etc Engrave/etch/mark many metals and glass, stone etc


Applications in - signage, giftware, trophies, awards, plaques, headstones, artworks, templates/stencils, promotions etc


Work area can be as small as a dog tag to items 1300mm x 900mm, or larger depending on material and design, due to pass through facility. Working with round items (drinking glasses, bottles) is also possible depending on size.


Click on the links to see examples.


SIGNAGE - Many materials, styles and finishes possible

GIFTWARE - Personalise or create special gift ware

ARTWORKS - Create functional and decorative for inside or outside

AWARDS/TROPHIES/PLAQUES - General awards, trophies, plaques, using modern materials.

TEMPLATES/STENCILS - Templates, stencils

LABELLING/MARKING - mark important personal items, labels for equipment.

TECHNICAL - Create functional and detailed items. ideal for prototyping.