Bamboo ply clock

750mm diameter.

Can have center feature insert see Boab and Tractor, or choose you own.


Wedding gift

Detail from invitation used to engrave on cutting board

Poem etched on mirror

(etch is on the reverse)

bamboo clock
bamboo clock wtractor
bamboo clock wboab
cutting b detail-r
wedding invite-r
cutting board-r
man in mirror-r

Personalise Gifts or Mark personal items.




Wall feature

Akril frame bamboo infill


Wall feature

Bamboo frame Akril infill.


Circle Puzzle


Line drawing on cutting board

Stainless steel mug

 (marks black)

akril bamboo1-r akril bamboo2-r
bamboo akril1-r bamboo akril2-r
circle puzzle ply-r
bamboo-mouse-cheese-1r bamboo-mouse-cheese-2r
stainless mug-r